HPT High Precision Torch

Quality, productivity and competitive edge.
Straight and inclined cut without replacing any torch parts.

Quality consumables

Our products are made using the most up-to-date technologies and the best materials.

All production processes are handled in-house and so we can control every aspect of product quality, from the raw material, to the machining, assembly and final testing.

The experience acquired in over twenty-five years in the plasma cutting sector has enabled us to select the equipment and production methods best suited to guaranteeing a constantly high level of quality at a very reasonable price.

Cut Capacity (Mild Steel) Dross free 32mm
Thickness piercing 38mm
Maximum cutting capacity 60mm
Speed (Mild Steel) 130A 12mm 2200mm/min.
200A 15mm 2275mm/min.
260A 20mm 2170mm/min.
Cut Angle ISO 9013* 2-4
Process Gases Mild Steel O2/Air/O2/O2

Competitive edge

In designing the HPT high definition plasma torch, we have listened to the specific needs of the automation market.

In this sector, great attention is always paid to optimization and operating costs in order to provide a competitive edge.

We have worked hard on these aspects and have obtained a product that guarantees high performance and considerable life for consumable parts.

In addition, by being able to pass from straight to inclined cut without operator intervention, we have reduced both the number of parts and the operating costs.

High performance

To carry out reliable and accurate comparative tests between our HPT plasma torch and competitive products, we bought plasma systems, torches and consumables from the sector's most important global companies.

The tests were performed in our new cutting laboratory, following the strictest protocols.

Now, considering the extraordinary results, we can affirm having successfully reached the goal we had set ourselves.

New Style Bi-Metal Electrodes
"Top Quality"

New copper and silver electrodes, made with a new assembly technology that enables us to exploit the conduction characteristics of silver and our patented hafnium assembly system to the full.

The hafnium insert is entirely surrounded by silver that, in turn, is in direct contact with the liquid, guaranteeing exceptional cooling.

TEC.MO. has over 25 years of experience dedicated exclusively to the design and manufacture of torches and consumables for the plasma cutting field.

Our company's primary goals have always been to improve quality and reduce operating costs in cutting metals.

Today, TEC.MO. presents a new high quality, reliable and competitive product for the automation market.

The new HPT torch offers performance, versatility and a competitive edge that are unmatched, combining cutting speed and quality, with a limited quantity of consumables at costs at least 50% lower than those of its main competitors.

*ISO 9013 is a standard that defines cut quality of thermally cut parts. The lower the range (range 1 is the lowest), the smaller the angle of the cut face. Cut angle in range 1 is better than in range 5.

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