Our sub-micronic compressed air filter is designed to remove humidity, oil sprays and polluting particles from air compressors, thus providing clean, dry, oil-free air necessary

for ALL industrial applications (*)

The filter removes all oil sprays, smoke, traces of humidity and polluting particles that might not be filtered by conventional equipment..

It is the perfect solution to problems caused by compressed air contamination. Prolongs the life of equipment with a consequent reduction in maintenance costs.

"AT1000" can filter up to 1250 litres/minute  without any pressure reduction.

(*)  industrial paintwork
       tyre repairer
       pneumatic tools
       pneumatic equipment

Technical Data
Degree of filtration .01µinch – 0.25µm
Max operating pressure 125 PSI – 8.5 bar
Max output @80% 2700 SCFH 1250 l/min
Operating temperature 15-140 F -10 / +60 C°
Connection dimensions ¼ NPT
Dimensions Ø 5.2” x 7.9”
Ø 132 x 200 mm
packaging: 12 pieces  (packed individually)
dimensions: 44x30xh47
weight: 17.8 Kg
packaging: 6 boxes x 8 (total 48 pieces)
dimensions: 66x44xh25


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